15 April 2008

A plan (of sorts) emerges

Despite some disappointment at not being able to fit Iguazu into our Argentina plans, I think we're settling on a very feasible and very fun intinerary.

We will drive (con los ninos) to LA on Saturday and Sunday, June 28/29. We'll drop them off with their dad and stay somewhere nearby, in preparation for our departure on Monday the 30th. Our LAN Chile flight departs LAX at 1:10 PM. After an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile, and a connection from Santiago, we arrive in Buenos Aires the following day (Tuesday, July 1) at 10:30 AM. We've arranged for a car from the hotel to pick us up, so we'll have no particular challenges getting to our hotel and base of operations. After that, I'm guessing we will want to nap for a few hours, which will work out well, given the Argentine predilection for eating dinner after 10 PM.

We'll plan to spend our first few days in Buenos Aires just familiarizing ourselves with the city and its various neighborhoods. After a few days we may be ready to take an overnight trip to Colonia, Uruguay, or a day trip on the train to the town of Tigre, to the north of BsAs proper.

Our Argentina trip will end on Sunday, July 13, when our flight back to LA leaves BsAs at 8:35 PM. Again, we fly overnight, arriving in LA on Monday the 14th at 7:40 in the morning. To cap off a fun day of travel, we'll pile the kiddos into the car and head up the 5 to Sacramento before stopping for the night. Tuesday we'll drive the rest of the way home and on Wednesday I'll go back to work.

Action-packed, no?

(Steve, 15 April 2008)

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