12 April 2008

Now comes the fun part

Now that we've settled on a destination, we can start making a few plans.  To begin with, maybe it would be helpful to learn a little something about Buenos Aires and Argentina in general.  We bought a Frommer's guide to Argentina and quickly discovered that not only is Argentina a hell of a long ways away, once you get there, it's big - way too big to do more than scratch the surface in an initial two week visit.  So that's what we'll do - try to scratch the surface.

Patagonia pretty quickly gets thrown off the list, dammit.  It will be winter there, not to mention the fact that it's a couple of thousand miles from our destination in Buenos Aires.  The wine-growing region around Mendoza lasts longer as a candidate, but eventually falls for similar reasons: it's an expensive, two-hour plane ride from BsAs and it will be cold in the Andean foothills.

Iguazu Falls, in the extreme northeast of Argentina at the juncture of Brazil and Paraguay, is a tantalizing destination: one of the great natural wonders of the world, it's a shorter (45 minute) plane trip, but still will cost us upwards of $650 USD just to get there.  Unfortunately, the costs just keep climbing - a Brazilian visa costs over $100 per person and everyone says you just gotta see the Brazilian side of the falls.  Lodging is at least as expensive as in BsAs, so there's another $100+ per night.  The final straw was when we read that there's been an outbreak of yellow fever in the area - yellow fever immunizations are painful, have nasty side effects, and cost about $300 for the two of us.  We're easily over $1000 for a freakin' day trip... cooler financial heads prevail and we reluctantly back off on the idea of seeing Iguazu.


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