30 June 2008

LAN Flight 601

We're on the plane and ready to go. There's a TV screen (with remote!) for every seat... Even in steerage. It's an "on demand" type system with dozens of movies and TV shows, plus video games and music.

And yes, we will indeed stop in Lima. How is it possible that we didn't know that?

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laurietee said...

So exciting!! Hope there will be no muggings, what a trip spoiler. They say "blend in" to avoid looking like a tourist. Easier said than done probably... I heard No. Cal. was super smokey. Redondo Beach was surely a relief.
Your pictures are so sharp! Are you using your i-phone camera?
Tracie and Jeff are in Italy now, texting to check up on Jenna and give us updates. Tracie says it's alot harder to find Internet service than she was expecting. Guess rural Umbria is stuck in the past!
Well, enjoy the long southbound flight. If you didn't know about the Lima stop, it's probably just that: a stop, not a plane change. Bon Voyage!