25 July 2011


Monday. Lazy, scenic, sunny. We drove southwest from Nelson to Punakaiki, and saw pretty things along the way.

We stopped at a honey farm smack dab in the middle of nowhere, and picked up a few jars of potent Manuka honey. Manuka honey is prized by granola-types for its antibacterial properties. We just like that it's kind of minty.

We stopped at the Tua Dellaca Reserve, where Little Blue Penguins emerge at sunset.

We got to the Pancake Rocks at almost-high tide, and watched the surf pound against and in between massive, striated limestone formations.

And we made a donation. A couple of days before I left Portland, our dear friend Eve gave me two one-dollar bills for my cosmic protection. "Donate one in New Zealand," she explained. "And donate the other when you return." Eve suggested I hand the first dollar off to a New Zealand hobo, but we haven't seen one. We saw a shoeless backpacker, but based on the rest of his attire, we're pretty sure it was an affectation and not actual poverty. Anyway, I was very happy to see this display at Punakaiki.

Eve, the first part of our mission is complete, and we love you madly for wanting to keep us safe.

After our brief visit to the Pancake Rocks, we backtracked up the coast to a trail called the Truman Track. We timed our visit so that we'd get to the beach-- another one where the elusive Little Blue Penguins make their home-- close enough to sunset to see them, but not so close that the jungly trail would be pitch black on our way out. We didn't see any penguins, but the beach was stunning.

Next stop: the Franz Josef Glacier.

Location:Punakaiki, New Zealand

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GibblesNBits said...

That beach IS stunning! AND, WOW... minty honey?? I'm in love with New Zealand already, and now they throw that into the mix? Wowza!! :D

Keep that other dollar safe... we need you to donate it in Portland.

Hugs to you both!