31 July 2009

We like their wines.

Home sweet home.

We've enjoyed so many wonderful trips together over the years, but this one was unique. Most vacations are about what you see-- museums, landmarks, natural wonders. This trip certainly included those things in abundance, but what defines it in our memories won't be the Louvre or the Alps-- it will be the inexplicable generosity, hospitality, and enthusiasm we encountered at every tasting appointment. Over and over, busy winemakers took several hours of their time to not only taste their wines with us, but to show us through their facilities, their vineyards, and even their towns. They seemed as interested in teaching us about their land, their grapes, and their practices as we were in learning about them. We're not distributors, retailers, winemakers, or even big spenders. Winemakers in France do not generally sell their wines directly to visitors. Most don't even have formal tasting rooms. So the best we can tell, they gave us their time for the simple reason that we like their wines.

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