02 July 2008

¡Culo ducha!

We're checked into Casa Palermitano, where our stuff will remain for the rest of our stay. It's so reasonably priced that we decided to keep the room every night, even when we're in Uruguay. This will allow us to travel with nothing but backpacks. No suitcases!

As soon as we got here, I understood why this place is the top rated Buenos Aires B&B on TripAdvisor. It's a gorgeous old house, with high ceilings, polished wood floors, spacious and beautifully tiled bathrooms, comfortable beds, Frida Kahlo prints on the walls, more closet space than I've ever seen in a hotel room, and Lorena, our charming hostess. Every B&B on Earth has a house cat or two; Lorena has a house parrot named Lucas. Lucas is a gorgeous green and gold boy. He wouldn't talk to us, but Lorena reported that he chats with himself occasionally. His primary phrase is "hola, Lucas."

Our baño has a bidet. A bidet! I've never felt fresher.

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